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Me and my wife received a blessing when Edward came into our lives at just three weeks of age in March, 2012; that October his adoption was finalized.


It has been said, “natural child birth is a result of passion, adoption is a result of compassion” – author unknown

Natural child birth is God at work; His design, purpose, and plan for the family glorifies Him as Creator!

Adoption of a child is God at work, as well. It is through love and compassion that God has adopted His children to be heirs according to the promise; this glorifies God as merciful, loving, and as the one who will judge without partiality!

Whether you are able to have children naturally, or you are not able to, I hope you will consider adopting a child who needs a loving family. I was adopted, and have been through the system as a child; I speak from experience, not only as a father who adopted a bundle of joy we call Edward, but also as one who has been on the other end of the process.


What goes through the mind of a child who awaits adoption? They spend their days wondering if they are lovable; valuable; redeemable and salvageable. They ask, “does anyone love me?”

Will a family find that child lovable and valuable enough to spring them from the prison of despair, loneliness, and hopelessness by adopting them? You answer that question.

Adopt a child: bless, and be blessed 🙂

Please share this to help increase awareness.

Chuck Griffis, Evangelist
Mobile Inner City Church of Christ


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    Morris Bembry says

    Thanks for posting this, Chuck. We adopted our little bundle of joy on March 7th of this year. This is our second go ’round and we are having the time of our lives. It’s as if God is blessing us all over again. Takingston is a wonderful boy. God will grow him up to be a wonderful man.

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      Chuck Griffis says

      Amen! He is a great kid, and he will be molded into a strong Christian man!

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