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Macland Road Summer Mission Trip

This summer got off to a great start with our first group coming from Marietta, Georgia: The Macland Road church of Christ! Rebekah Colley, who served as one of our summer interns in 2015, returned this year, along with her husband Caleb Colley who serves as the preacher at Macland Road, along with an outstanding youth group, parents, and chaperones! The youth, and adult chaperones from the Inner City church of Christ have been hard fighting soldiers this week, as well! Based on the time we all have spent in the community, working together on projects around the building and grounds, and concluding each day with The Bible Challenge for kids, ages 3-9 years from the RV Taylor community – the first night there were twenty children in attendance; the second night of Bible Challenge saw thirty in attendance – everyone served like Jesus, putting God and the needs of others before themselves (c.f. Philippians 2:1-8)!


The youth from the Macland Road congregation, and the Inner city congregation served together in the Lord’s army as hard fighting soldiers!


From the pictures, we can tell how much we have enjoyed serving together, and reaching out to the community. We have visited people, prayed with them, and read memory verses. At times we have had to step outside the boundaries of our comfort zone, dealing with humid, Mobile, Alabama weather, and meeting new people for the first time. I’m really grateful for campaigners from out of town! The weeks that they come during the summer serve as a proving ground where I am able to teach youth and adults from the Inner City congregation. I see a lot of positive growth in our adults and youth, and I thank God that as an evangelist I am blessed to have this opportunity to equip the saints for works of service. – Chuck Griffis, Evangelist

Jameson (L) and Felix (R) never met each other prior to this week, but serve the Lord’s cause as brothers in Christ!

Two different cultures, one cause!

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We did yard work and maintenance projects around the church building

yardwork3 yardwork2 yardwork1 rakingleaves3 - Copy rakingleaves1 - Copy

We went door to door … rain, shine, and the hot humid Mobile, Alabama weather!

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