Austinville Church of Christ Youth Summer Mission Trip 2016

Our third week of campaigning of the summer, and the campaign that closed the month of June on a wonderful note, the youth and adult chaperones from Austinville church of Christ, led by Brendan Chance (associate minister) from Decatur, Alabama, along with the youth and adult chaperones of the Mobile Inner City church of Christ conducted an outdoor clothing giveaway; it proved to be a great way to meet the community and further the cause of Christ (Luke 19:10)! The use of aggressive benevolence has always proven to be an effective part of our mission strategy, and it did so this week, as well!

The Austinville Brethren had a clothing drive in preparation for their summer mission trip to the inner city of Mobile

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We all worked together to load the church bus with tables, chairs, clothes, toys for children, and shoes; and, then unload the items at the clothing giveaway site

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We worked together to set up the clothing giveaway, register / sign-up people receiving clothes

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We used this opportunity as fishers of men (Matthew 4:18-19) to help further the cause of Christ

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We did door to door work in the RV Taylor Community

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The Austinville church of Christ and the Mobile Inner City church of Christ: Two cultures, one cause – PRAISE GOD!


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    Jim S. says

    Bro. Jim is commenting on a post found here

    Looked harder and found it. I had began reading that post earlier but did not get to finish it. But, I just did. It is so sad Chuck that someone with your knowledge, experience, and the ability to share that does not have the audience necessary to really make a difference. We are experiencing more behavior problems on our three buses of children we pick up each Monday night from the Napier Projects. Some, not all, of our teachers are beginning to think about giving up. All three of our backup cover drivers refuse to pickup in that area of time. We had a meeting two weeks ago with many of the teachers at Brentwood Hills to brainstorm ways to improve these behavior issues and I later met with Todd Flowers discussing the problem with him. We have a followup meeting planned when the day camps wind down and with God’s help we will come up with solutions.
    Your very first part of your blog about the little girl with a mother in prison is sad and I thank God for people like you who can and will deal with these heart breaking problems every day. Where I live, these problems just do not exist.
    Your blog was great, well written and needs to be known to everyone. I wish I had the answer, but only God does. Of course, the breakdown in the family is the true problem and so many families without Daddies. I see this problem with my own grandson, even though my wife and I attempt to show him a true loving couple, we are not his daddy!
    Hang in there brother, your on your way to the promise land and your are going to take many with you. God Bless
    Jim Sutton

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      Chuck Griffis says

      Freed-Hardeman University has invited me to speak at the next Lectureship in February, 2017. I have been asked to be a part of a panel to field questions and discussions on race and culture on Tuesday of that week in the morning, and then on Wednesday I get to speak on ‘Inner City Ministry’; I’ll have an audience!

      Thanks for commenting!

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